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Mee Goreng - Taste of Home

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Ever wished you could have your childhood dish be ready and awaiting to be devoured when you got home only to realize you are 10 thousand miles away from home AND don't have access to a private jet? Welcome to my Sunday. I woke up craving for Mee Goreng, the one my mom used to whip up in 15 min while it took me 20 min to fry an egg. There's like a million variations to cook Mee Goreng, but needless to say, my favorite variation is what Mom made, with simple ingredients and sprinkled with loads of mommy love. Is it coming across that I'm missing my mom?

I went to get the recipe book my mom had written for me and started to bawl when I realized that recipe was not there. Thank you FaceTime. The first few minutes of the call was spent assuring my mom that I was not a moron and that the recipe was really not in the book. "No Amma, I didn't tear off a page to give a recipe to my friend. Yes Amma, I checked properly. Yes Amma, I was wearing my glasses. No Amma, I don't need to go for an eye exam." And somehow a conversation to get a recipe ended with my mom promising me that if I ever needed eyes, she'll donate hers.

Armed with a set of instructions, I scanned the ingredients and then began to swear profusely. I didn't have egg noodles. Think, think, think. OK, I'll use my Nongshim Shin Ramyun, boil just the noodles in water, drain and use it for the recipe. Phew, disaster averted, let's get cooking. With regards to the spiciness of the dish, it is controlled by the amount of dried red chillies used to make the base paste. Mom's recommendation in the recipe was based on the fact that David would also be partaking in the meal. If you want it spicier, amp up the chillies BUT make sure you have frozen popsicles, ice-cream, yoghurt or Baileys readily available to cool down your palate.

Once I finished prepping, bam bam bam, the recipe was done in 15 minutes!

As I scooped the noodles onto a plate, I realized what an integral part food played in my life. I was a little girl again, just us 4 at dinner, Mom, Dad, brother and me, each with a heaping plate of Mee Goreng. I was discussing with Dad why I thought the teacher was wrong in not awarding me full marks for my English essay while my Mom was convincing my brother that going to school WAS a good thing. Thank you Mee Goreng, core memories unlocked.

[Recipe HERE | YouTube Video HERE]


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