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Sago Sago - Tango in your mouth

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I was watching dance videos of different forms when the Tango started playing. My mind being my mind, started randomly thinking of words that rhymed with Tango. Bingo, Mango, and BAM, Sago Sago. A sign to make another one of Mom's recipes, and also one of my favorite desserts.

I would describe this dish as a more solidified state of the brown sugar boba tea. David chose to describe it as a yummy dessert whose texture reminded him of fish eggs. Obviously, my description is way more appetizing, so we'll go with that.

A simple dish with 5 ingredients, that's right, only 5. It's the same number as the number of tries it took me to swing a club and hit the ball the first time I went golfing. Nowadays, it's also the same number as the number of times I have to take a deep breath and suck in my gut to get into my jeans. I fondly think back to memories of being able to eat anything and fit into anything. Wait, those were not memories, they were dreams.

Some of you have asked about why I don't state calories or the breakdown of the nutrients in my recipes. The reason is simple, I don't want to. But I digress... Once the Sago Sago pudding was chilled and the Gula Melaka syrup had thickened, it was time to assemble the dish. One of the perks of being an adult is I could now scoop and drizzle as much as I wanted. Funny though, the plated dessert took 5 seconds to disappear into my tummy. Hmmmm.... Coincidence?

[Recipe HERE | YouTube Video HERE]


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