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Mee Goreng

Prep: 15 Mins | Cook: 15 Mins | Total: 30 hrs


Mee Goreng Paste

  • 6 shallots

  • 5 garlic cloves

  • 10 dried red chillies (pre-soaked in boiling water)

  • 1 tsp chicken base OR 1 chicken stock cube

  • enough water to blend


Mee Goreng

  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil

  • All of Mee Goreng paste

  • 3 thin slices of chicken breast cut into stir-fry strips

  • Noodles from 3 packets of Nongshim Shin Ramyun

  • 3 tbsp soya sauce

  • 2 tbsp tomato ketchup

  • 3 eggs

  • 2 big handfuls of baby spinach

  • 1 handful of bean sprouts (optional)


  • Slices of cucumber

  • 1 sunny side up egg

  • 1 hash brown


  1. Blend together ingredients for mee goreng paste and set aside.

  2. To a wok on medium heat, add oil.

  3. Add mee goreng paste and fry till fragrant, about 4 min.

  4. Add chicken and stir fry till chicken nearly cooked.

  5. Add noodles and mix well till noodles are evenly coated.

  6. Stir fry for 2 min.

  7. Add soy sauce and ketchup and mix well.

  8. Stir fry for 2 min.

  9. Scramble 3 eggs and set aside.

  10. Part noodles in wok to the sides to make a hole.

  11. Add eggs to hole and cover with noodles for 2 min.

  12. Stir fry till eggs are well cooked and even distributed in noodles.

  13. Taste and see if salt, soya sauce or ketchup is needed and add accordingly.

  14. Add spinach and stir fry for a min.

  15. Add bean sprouts and stir fry for a min.

  16. Turn off heat after a min.

  17. Mee goreng is ready, serve with slices of cucumber, egg and hash brown and ENJOY!!!

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