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Berry Cobbler - Berry-licious!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Between gorgeous summer days, and me experimenting with content delivery, there was a delay in getting out a blog. Hopefully the new format, and this to-die-for recipe adapted from Sally's Baking Recipes makes up for it! I went for an oats crumble instead of the biscuit topping because when I was making the recipe, I saw a duck, and ducks go quack, quack sounds like Quaker Oats and TADA! My thought process has a beautiful mind of its own.

It's perfectly logical that when I was growing up in Singapore, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries were considered exotic fruits. I mean, it's just like how when i'm here, lychees, longans and durians are considered exotic fruits. Also, please do not ever be in a situation where you're asking "Dingleberry, what kind of berry is that and I can use it in pies?"

For warm summer nights, the only thing better than eating a berry dessert complete with a buttery oat crumble, is having Gerard Butler feeding it to you... fresh off the set of 300... with that husky voice.... but I digress... Ingredients are assembled, the baking dish I love for its durability has non-existent dust flicked off and I'm ready to start the recipe.

It was my first time taking videos as I made the recipe. If only I could show you guys the bloopers. My phone started pristine and at the end looked like what the cat dragged in after the dog had its way with it. The number of times David heard me mumble or shout colorful swear words in all the languages and dialects, which turned out to be quite a few, were numerous.

I look around for something to showcase the berry cobbler and my favorite rolling whiskey glasses will be perfect! The berry filling is combined (a substantial amount was lost, collateral damage in taste testing), oats crumble is sprinkled on top and in the oven it goes. Does anybody else find the bursting of berries as they bake oddly therapeutic? No, just me? Well, bite me. Actually, I'd rather you have a go at this recipe and bite into that berry-liciousness. [YouTube Video HERE]


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