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Chocolate Chip Cookies - Quintessentially American

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

It’s the 4th of July weekend, after a very American dinner of cheese pizzas (sorry Italy), what dessert could I make to celebrate this occasion? If you guessed chocolate chip cookies, you’re a genius (I mean the title of the blog was a dead giveaway, but that’s fine).

This recipe from Butternut Bakery by Jenna is VERY promising. I mean, just looking at the cookie to chocolate chip ratio and the latter being a clear winner was a sure sign that I hit the jackpot. Plus, the fact that I would have warm, ooey, gooey yumminess to devour in just 30 minutes sealed the deal. And if it hasn't for you, then it wouldn't surprise me if you said puppies weren't cute, Sean Connery wasn't hot and the earth was flat. Alright, step aside Paul Hollywood, B Bollywood is here. (Yeah, that was cheesy, I’ll show myself out.)

The recipe calls for simple ingredients with even simpler steps. Also, the end product shown in the recipe looks like legit chocolate chip cookies. I mean, raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the reason why I have trust issues. Other issues I have deals with me wondering about things like what made someone think "Hey, those things hanging under the cow looks cool and I wonder what would happen if I yanked on them". Or "Let's use that thing that was emitted from the castor sacs within a beaver's anus (castoreum) as an additive in foods we eat." Yup, it ain't vanilla, it is beaver's butt.

The batter is made and now the final step before I could bake was a face-off between me and my arch enemy, parchment paper. Go ahead, bake my day, you processed, cellulose-based composite. B - 1, Parchment Paper - 0, SCORE!!! As I used the ice-cream scoop and dropped the batter into huge, delectable mounds onto the baking tray, there was no denying it, bigger was ALWAYS better. It reminded me of a time when I asked my mom why scoring 97 was not good enough for her and she said "Bharathi, if Amma gave you $97 or $100, which would you prefer? $100, correct?" To which my rather smug response was "Yes, correct, but it doesn't apply to everything Amma. For example, I'd rather get 97 slaps than 100 slaps". I don't remember much after that, since she then proceeded to give me 100 slaps.

As the cookies baked, I looked at the oven window, like a kid on Christmas in front of a huge pile of presents. 15 minutes pass, I'm crying now since I haven't blinked and have seen the mounds of batter become a beautiful, golden brown with mini, melted chocolate pools. The cookies come out, cool off for the 36.7 seconds that I can contain myself, before grabbing one and biting into it. Sigh... that blissfulness as fireworks explode in my mouth. Now, THAT my friends, is a true 4th of July celebration. [YouTube Video HERE]


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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2022

Looks amazing - feel free to bring some in for connect week 🤣

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