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Pandan Cupcakes - Greens CAN taste good

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Day 2 into my diet and I decided to treat myself with cupcakes. This is a judgement-free zone, so let’s move along. I wanted a cupcake that'll remind me of the flavors of home and that is how these Pandan cupcakes with a Coconut buttercream frosting topped with a Gula Melaka drizzle were born. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is my very first post with a recipe I concocted. Awww, stop, the applause, I'm blushing...

As you peruse the recipe, there might be a few exotic ingredients, but rest assured that you can get ALL of them on Amazon. Amazon is A to Z for a reason and the links for Pandan Extract, Gula Melaka, Pandan Leaves, Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk will get you going to make these yummy-licious cupcakes. David’s verdict after literally inhaling one was “Best cupcake EVER!”, and no, he wasn’t paid in ANY form to say that. Ye of little faith!

I broke up the recipe into 3 stages, it’s cumulative goodness. Meaning, if you stop after stage 1, it’s good. After stage 2 is better and finishing stage 3 is da bomb! Actually, mixing and matching any of the stage will ensure a happy tummy.

The aroma wafting through the house as the cupcakes baked and the syrup reduced, transported me back to Singapore. A girl in pigtails and oversized spectacles, think an Indian girl-version of Harry Potter. Holding on to the ten dollar bill she got from scrubbing floors. OK fine, I got it from being top in class for Maths & English. Handing over the cash and getting a delectable variety of all the kuehs, coupled with the fact that I didn’t need to share them with my brother, made it all the more sweeter.

On a totally different note, the TikTok videos that go along with the blogs... So. Much. Time. Seriously, the easiest part of the blog is the actual cooking of the recipe. The phone falling into water, the wrong angle capturing glimpses of my Frankenstein feet and the voiceover takes that couldn't be used due to explicit language when I lose my cool. It's definitely a humbling process, so shout-out to content creators out there, you guys make it look easy. And what perfect timing, Amma sent me a WhatsApp message outlining the benefits of eating greens. Let me just send her a picture of these cupcakes, greens CAN taste good. [Recipe HERE | YouTube Video HERE]


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