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If asked what is more important, food or love, I wouldn't be able to answer, I would be too busy eating. 

Hi, my name is B. Obviously I wasn't born with the name B, it's Bharathi, but only my mom calls me that when i'm in trouble. A 2nd generation Singaporean who came to the States in 2005, fell in love with the country, got married and now call New Hampshire home.

Where I live is gorgeous, but I'll be honest, having been a city girl most of my life, this is kinda in the suburbs of suburbs. The vibrant city life with access to 24/7 dining is a 3 hour drive away, hence, eating out is a luxury and cooking has become a necessity. In essence, I've become the proverbial domestic diva.

As all great ideas go, this one to start a blog came to me after cooking and devouring a decadent made-from-scratch meal (the kitchen was in shambles but it was worth it). I'm always scouring the web for good recipes to emulate or getting recipes from friends, family and co-workers and I wanted to chronicle my uncensored thoughts and feelings as I prepared these dishes.

Why I picked a dish (there was a sale on zucchinis), what drama transpired (I'm a Gemini, there's always drama), who I thought of as I pounded the dough, expectations vs reality, the good, the ugly and the umami. 

So come join me on this journey as I explore, vent and create culinary alchemy (those were my hubby's words).


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